Wind farm planning review needs to deliver for nature and communities

Wind farm planning review needs to deliver for nature and communities

2 August 2023

Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) welcomes the review of the regulatory framework for wind farms in Queensland announced today. 

Renewable energy is a huge opportunity for Queensland, but the current wind farm code, State Code 23, does not require meaningful community engagement, or provide protection for valuable biodiversity.

“We can have both renewable energy and thriving biodiversity in Queensland. Making sure our planning frameworks deliver renewable energy and protect Queensland’s unique nature is the only way that we can reach a safe climate future” QCC Energy Strategist Clare Silcock said.

“QCC has been calling for planning reforms for some time, and we are very pleased that the Government has announced this review. We look forward to seeing more detail on Monday, when the proposed changes will be released.” Ms Silcock said.

“We need to see biodiversity protected, through a State Code 23 which works with the Federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act reform to guide renewable energy development away from valuable biodiversity.” Ms Silcock said.

“However, we are concerned that community consultation is left off the list of objectives released today. Better community engagement needs to be written into the planning frameworks so that all projects can deliver long term benefits for Queenslanders.” Ms Silcock said. 

“We also call on the Government to act on the broader planning review flagged in the Energy and Jobs Plan. We need to streamline the process for large-scale solar so that there is a consistent and comprehensive assessment for developments to make sure solar also delivers for nature and communities.” Ms Silcock said.