Renewables bring down power prices

New research from Queensland Conservation Council has shown that investing in more renewable energy at both a large and small scale could save up to 25% on wholesale power prices, or $200/year per household, by 2025.

Read the report here.

Queensland has reached 25% renewable energy, and recent budget announcements of funding for more renewable energy is a welcome sign that the Queensland Government is heading in the right direction. However, most Queenslanders have seen their electricity bills rise from 1 July. This research proves that the long term solution is to invest more in renewable energy which will reduce emissions, bring down energy bills and improve Queenslanders’ lives. The faster we can move, the more benefits we can harness for Queensland. 

QCC is part of the Power Together alliance with Queensland Council of Social Services, Queensland Community Alliance, Communify and other faith and community groups. The Power Together asks included in this report are, by 2025:

  • building an additional 2,000 MW of large-scale renewable energy and 500 MW of large-scale storage

  • installing solar on 10,000 rental homes, 

  • Bringing 10,000 social housing tenants into a Virtual Power Plants through rooftop solar and batteries