Calls for bi-partisan support on climate action as Queensland introduces new emissions legislation

The Queensland Government's launch of its 75 percent by 2035 emission reduction legislation today signals an impressive turnaround for Australia’s most polluting state, according to the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC).

"Two years ago, Queensland had no plans to phase out coal-fired power and one of the country's weakest climate targets. Now the Sunshine State has shifted gears and we’re beating other states in the race to take action on climate change," said Dave Copeman, Director of the Queensland Conservation Council.

"Queenslanders have copped it this summer from extreme flooding and storms. As Australia’s most disaster-prone state, it’s a no-brainer that we should be taking serious action on climate change for the safety of our communities and nature.

"Our analysis demonstrates that reaching the 75 per cent emission reduction target is not only responsible but also very achievable with the right policies in place."

According to the latest data, Queensland has already reduced emissions by 29 per cent from 2005 levels. Analysis by QCC finds that the remaining emission reduction can be achieved by:

  • Delivering the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan (21 per cent reduction);
  • Reducing industrial stationary energy emissions via the Safeguard Mechanism (7.5 per cent reduction);
  • Implementing the Low Emissions Agricultural Roadmap (4.7 per cent reduction);
  • The remaining emissions cuts could be met via actions such as:
    • Electrifying transport, homes and industrial processes;
    • Protecting more of Queensland from deforestation via a establishing a natural capital industry;
    • Reducing the fugitive emissions from coal and gas production.

"While this target is achievable, we’ll be hard pressed to meet it without bi-partisan support for climate action and repowering Queensland's electricity system," said Mr Copeman.

"We're calling on the Queensland Liberal National Party to support this legislation as well as Queensland’s 80% by 2035 renewable energy target, which will also be put before Parliament in the coming months.

"We welcome Opposition Leader David Crisafulli previously indicating he supports the state's renewable energy targets. Now we're calling on the LNP to vote in favour and strongly support these targets before the state election."