Queensland Conservation Council Launches bold enforcement arm to hold Environmental Offenders Accountable

The Queensland Conservation Council is ratcheting pressure on those who disregard environmental laws through the formation of "Queensland Conservation Council Ltd" (QCC Ltd), a new entity focused on the enforcement of environmental laws in Queensland.  

Queensland Conservation Council Inc (which is an association incorporated under Queensland law) remains the peak conservation group in Queensland, campaigning and coordinating with other conservation groups to protect Queensland’s environment. 

QCC Ltd will operate independently from Queensland Conservation Council Inc. Its primary mission being to undertake proactive actions aimed at enforcing Queensland laws. The first of these actions is planned to launch in the coming months. 

"Queensland Conservation Council is not sitting idly by in the face of the ongoing failure of our state's environmental laws to protect the environment we depend on," warns Emily Kain, Chair of Queensland Conservation Council Inc. "We are deeply concerned about the rampant disregard for the critical regulations that are meant to safeguard our environment."

We don’t have an independent Environmental Protection Agency in Queensland, so we are stepping up to fill the gap. 

QCC Ltd, empowered by our strong sense of duty to protect the environment, is dedicated to battling these injustices head-on. Their mission is to ensure that no lawbreaker escapes accountability, regardless of their influence.

"Together with our devoted allies and environmental champions, we've been at the forefront of the conservation movement since 1969. Now, with the creation of QCC Ltd, we're fortifying our legacy by holding accountable those who violate environmental laws", declares Emily Kain.

The birth of QCC Ltd signifies a new era of uncompromising commitment to preserving Queensland's pristine natural wonders and the continuation of Queensland Conservation Council's time-honored tradition of safeguarding our environment.

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