Queensland reaches 1 million solar milestone



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Queensland has reached an incredible clean energy milestone: 1 million rooftop solar installations, according to data by the Clean Energy Regulator.

The Queensland Conservation Council celebrates Queensland's world leading uptake of rooftop PV and says the rooftop revolution was made possible by smart government policy.

"Queensland's world-leading uptake of small-scale solar is a testament to smart government rebates and schemes that drove down the price of solar PV and made the clean technology a no-brainer financial investment for many households," said Stephanie Gray, campaigner at the Queensland Conservation Council.

"Just in the last year 75,000 Queensland homes and businesses installed solar, which makes sense because solar is one of the best ways that you can manage power bills that have spiralled out of control with globally high coal and gas prices.

"Rooftop solar plays a very important role in Queensland's energy mix now with an impressive 5.9 GW of installed capacity - that's three and a half times the capacity of Queensland's largest coal-fired power station.

"Solar in Australia is a success story that demonstrates the power that governments have to make clean technology more accessible to all.

"And this is just the beginning. The latest modelling from the Australian Energy Market Operator suggests Queensland will have to increase rooftop solar capacity by a further 60 per cent by 2030 to help underpin the energy transition."

This milestone comes as the Power Together coalition, which includes the Queensland Council of Social Service, Queensland Community Alliance and Queensland Conservation Council, are campaigning for government policies to support solar for renters and social housing tenants as a long-term solution for keeping electricity bills low for vulnerable Queenslanders.

According to the 2023 Queensland Household Energy Survey of 4,200 households, 44 per cent of Queensland households have solar, but only 14 per cent of renters have rooftop solar PV.

"We've just seen the Australian Government work with the NSW Government to announce $200 million to upgrade social housing and help tenants access affordable solar energy," said Ms Gray.

"We'd like to see the Australian Government work with the Queensland Government so Queenslanders get our fair share and policies are implemented to help all households, including renters and social housing tenants, slash bills with solar and energy efficiency upgrades."