QCC Responds to the Queensland Government’s Big Fossil Fuel Blowout

The Queensland Conservation Council has today condemned the announcements from the Queensland Government that they are allocating $21 million in grants to unlock new gas reserves at the same time as approving the expansion of Anglo American’s Lake Lindsay coal mine.

“Today’s announcements from the Queensland Government demonstrate that we are still a long way from serious action on climate change, even as our communities are already paying the price for more frequent and extreme fires, floods and droughts,” said Jenny Brown, Climate Lead at QCC.

In response to the approval of the expansion of Anglo American’s Lake Lindsay coal mine, QCC says:

“This mine will produce 18 million tonnes of global carbon dioxide pollution every year. It will also pump at least 200 ktonnes CO2e/year of methane into Queensland’s atmosphere, jeopardising emissions reductions Queenslanders are working hard to achieve in our homes and businesses,” said Ms Brown.

“Our research shows that if Queensland’s planned coal mines get built, these mines would be the biggest source of carbon pollution in the state by 2030. We need the Government to seriously tackle the causes of climate change starting with coal mining.”

In response to the $21 million worth of grants to gas exploration, through the Frontier Gas Exploration Program, QCC says:

It's perplexing that, in the midst of a cost of living crunch, the government is directing significant funds into gas exploration. Queenslanders need immediate and direct relief, not more subsidies for big corporations enjoying historically high profits,” said Ms Brown.

“Moving from gas to electricity can save households up to $1,424 on their annual bills; this is where our focus should be. We need investments that provide taxpayers with a bang for their buck, not wasted on an outdated industry.

“We are on the brink of what is expected to be one of the hottest summers on record, where we will see record-breaking heat waves and air conditioning bills.”


Jenny Brown, Climate Lead 

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