New battery strategy to power up clean Queensland manufacturing

The Queensland Conservation Council today welcomes the launch of the Queensland Government's $570 million Queensland Battery Industry Strategy as a step towards realising Queensland's significant clean manufacturing potential.

"Battery storage already plays an important role in keeping the lights on and reducing electricity price spikes in Queensland because batteries can react with lightning speed to grid disturbances, like when our ageing coal-fired power stations have unplanned outages," said Stephanie Gray, Renewables Campaigner at Queensland Conservation Council.

"As the state’s coal-fired power stations start to retire, we’re going to need a significant amount of battery storage to provide renewable energy around the clock. That’s why we very much welcome the State Government’s recent investments in household battery rebates as well as utility-scale batteries. 

"It’s exciting to see that this strategy includes $275 million for battery innovation. We know emerging technologies, such as vanadium and iron flow batteries, have unlimited cycle life and  have a long duration of between 8-14 hours.

"Queensland has deposits of critical minerals needed to make battery storage, so as the world moves towards a cleaner economy, we’re well-placed to create future-proof jobs and economies across regional Queensland in mineral processing and battery manufacturing.

"If we ensure that critical mineral mining is done to the highest environmental standard in Australia we can provide products to the world that are ethical and environmentally sound. That’s a win for regional communities, a win for our state coffers, and a win for nature.

"Queensland has a natural clean energy advantage, but to secure new manufacturing opportunities we need policy certainty and bi-partisan support.

"We’re calling on the Queensland LNP to support new regional economies and jobs in clean manufacturing by committing to the Sunshine State’s 80% by 2035 Renewable Energy Target."