Protect the Great Artesian Basin

The Great Artesian Basin isn't just any water system—it's one of the largest in the world! It's not only a vital habitat for our beloved koalas and greater gliders but also provides drinking water for thousands of people.

Right now, the government is on the verge of approving Swiss multinational Glencore to undertake an experimental fossil fuel project in Queensland’s groundwater. Glencore wants to capture CO2 emissions from the Millmerran coal power station and pump them underground into the Great Artesian Basin. This could harm our farmers, food security, and this precious water system for years to come.

The project would seek to prolong the life of a dirty, coal fired power station at the cost of our precious water supply and koala habitat. Queensland’s water minister, Glenn Butcher, has a responsibility to protect our water for future generations. 

Sign our petition to tell the Minister of Water to say NO to this destructive project by rejecting the project's water licence application. Let's protect our water, country, and future together!

    Write to Minister Glenn Butcher to reject this project and protect our water