Energy Bill must have bipartisan support to guarantee renewable future

The path to Queensland becoming a renewable energy powerhouse just got easier with the release of the draft Energy (Renewable Transformation and Jobs) Bill 2023. However, the Queensland Conservation Council says there is still a lot needed from the Palaszczuk Government to deliver the best outcomes for nature and communities in the renewable energy transition. 

“We are pleased that the Government has legislated the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, particularly the renewable energy targets of 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035.” QCC Director Dave Copeman said. “It is great that this is backed up with a $500m investment in CleanCo. The Bill also answers some questions about how the transition will be managed, by setting up a process to define Renewable Energy Zones, make priority transmission investments and guarantee a future for fossil fuel workers.”

“Now we must see bipartisan support for the Energy Bill from the LNP. We will lose investment in Queensland, place communities at risk from climate change and uncoordinated development if we don’t have the LNP support for the Bill. We need Crisafulli to strongly support the Energy Bill, as he has supported the Energy and Jobs Plan.This matters, because Queensland power prices and climate emissions will drop when renewables are built and coal is closed.” Mr Copeman said.

“We desperately need this bipartisan support, because we are not on track to meet our international climate targets. We are building renewable energy too slowly. It has taken nearly 8 months for the Government to legislate the Energy and Jobs Plan, and it still doesn’t include a mechanism to ensure the renewable energy targets are met, or a target for emissions reduction from the energy sector.” Mr Copeman said. 

“This Bill is not the end of the job. It doesn’t provide any certainty on which areas will be declared Renewable Energy Zones, or how the Government will make sure the Renewable Energy Zones are informed by the wishes of the communities and Traditional Owners in the areas. 

“We also haven't seen further information from the Queensland Government on key actions in the Energy and Jobs Plan, particularly the review of the planning framework. This leaves Queensland industry, communities and nature struggling to get the information and planning they need to get the best out of the energy transition.”

Media Contact: Dave Copeman [email protected] 0408841595