Qld’s 75% emissions target builds momentum for strong climate action

Queensland's new target of 75% emissions reduction by 2035 will drive strong climate action across the state, with conservationists urging the State LNP to commit to a bipartisan approach to the target.

Queensland Conservation Council Director Dave Copeman said:

"Today's announcement by the new Premier is a strong step forward for Queensland and a clear acknowledgment of the urgent need for greater climate action across the state.

"Increasing emissions reduction target to 75% by 2035 is the kind of leadership we need, creating greater momentum and commitment to address climate change.

"Action on climate change is pivotal if we're going to protect Queensland's unique natural environment and way of life. Queenslanders are already seeing firsthand that more frequent and extreme weather events leave lasting damage for communities and drive up the cost of living.

"While we welcome and celebrate this positive move, setting a target is only the beginning. If we are to keep Queenslanders safe, we need growing momentum in the transition to low emissions. The state must now ratchet up its climate ambitions across the board, implementing comprehensive policies and initiatives to ensure we meet and beat this target.

"The 75% by 2035 target puts the state emissions well below a 2°C global warming scenario, crucial to heading off the worst climate disasters. However, it falls short of our share of the action necessary to limit global warming to the critical 1.5°C threshold necessary to secure the future of the Great Barrier Reef.

“While more needs to be done, this announcement clearly reflects the collective efforts of Queenslanders who have passionately advocated for years for stronger climate action.

"We now urge Opposition Leader, David Crisafulli and the LNP to put the state’s interests first and promptly commit to a bipartisan position on these targets.

"In NSW we’ve just seen the NSW Liberal and National Parties at the forefront of championing equivalent climate targets. They pushed to include a 70% by 2035 target in the NSW Legislation, in a clear recognition of the importance of this issue to the community. We urge the LNP to adopt a similar collaborative, visionary approach to climate policies in Queensland.

"This is a pivotal moment for Queensland, and by working together, we can set an example for the rest of the nation in addressing climate change and the impact it’s already having on our communities."