Dutton Safeguard Mechanism

The Safeguard Mechanism has passed, which will bring about real emissions reductions from the dirtiest polluters in Australia. But the LNP, led by Peter Dutton, refused to engage in this process at all. They continued to ignore the resounding message in May last year that Australians, including Queenslanders, want strong climate action. 

Can you send a message to Peter Dutton, to remind him that Queenslanders are judging the LNP’s lack of climate policy harshly?

We need to make sure that pressure continues to ramp up on the LNP, so they know they will be punished at the next election if they continue to abstain from the major issues of this term, like delivering climate action.

It’s easy to stand on the sidelines, particularly when you’re well funded by the fossil fuel industry to do so. It’s harder for the Albanese Government and the Greens to come to a compromise that will deliver actual emissions reductions from 1 July this year. 

Tell Dutton that his absence from the Safeguard Mechanism policy debates is going to prolong his time on the sidelines of politics in opposition


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