Koala habitat and 'lungs of Brisbane' to be saved by Daisy Hill Conservation Park expansion

Conservationists have welcomed the expansion of the Daisy Hill Conservation Park to better protect endangered koala habitat, while calling for more to be done to protect the species from going extinct in the state's South East.

The Queensland Government has purchased 213 hectares of land to add to the iconic Daisy Hill Conservation Park, which is not only home to a much loved koala centre, but also endangered koalas who live in this eucalypt forest.

The acquisition of the land connects and protects key koala bushland between Daisy Hill Conservation Park and Venman Bushland National Park.

The Queensland Conservation Council welcomes this news and calls on the Queensland Government to urgently keep building on this initiative to expand green spaces and save threatened habitat across the greater Brisbane area.

Queensland Conservation Council Urban Sustainability Organiser Jen Basham said:

Queenslanders expect our Government to protect koala habitat, to protect the animals from extinction. Local environment and community groups have been calling for the protection of this Daisy Hill site for years. It's a much loved green space, where many people experience wildlife including koalas in a natural setting.

We know our population is increasing, and housing is expanding and taking over more land. We need to ensure that new housing doesn't come at the expense of the last remaining habitat for our beautiful native animals and plants.

Queenslanders love nature and it's so important for future generations that we don't just preserve existing habitat, but go further to restore and connect our green spaces.

The bushland of many local government areas across South East Queensland continues to decline, getting us dangerously close to dropping below the point where healthy ecosystems can be maintained.

This is not just important for humans in terms of maintaining a healthy environment, our city "lungs", our precious freshwater systems and liveable communities, but is absolutely essential if we are to save our iconic endangered species, such as the koala.

We need to aim for at least 40% bushland and habitat coverage across all local governments and South East Queensland itself.

South East Queensland is one of the most biodiverse regions in Australia. We have more unique plants and animals in Queensland than any Australian state but the smallest area protected and dedicated to their survival, at just 8.3 percent.

Queensland needs to double its protected areas to 17 percent by 2030, and the expansion of this conservation park to become a protected area is a great step toward achieving that.

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Homes for all

Koala at Daisy Hill Koala Centre

The koala, owls, gliders, quolls and many other precious species are at threat of extinction in SEQ if we continue on the current path of urban sprawl development, destroying and fragmenting their habitat. We must ensure the rush to build new housing doesn't come at the expense of remnant forest and wetland habitat.

Our 'Homes for all' campaign calls on the Queensland State Government to take urgent action to protect our iconic species to ensure their survival for future generations.