Climate Transition Report

Recognising that addressing climate change is at the heart of efforts to protect and conserve Queensland’s unique biodiversity and ecosystems, Queensland Conservation Council prepared a 2018 report providing a critical analysis of Queensland’s Climate Transition Strategy and associated emissions reduction and renewable energy targets to determine if current policies and actions are enough to transition the state’s economy to zero net emissions by 2050. 

The five chapters of this report work to answer five key questions, including:

1. How will Queensland’s commitment to zero-net emissions by 2050 be translated into practice?

2. Do published business as usual (BAU) emissions scenarios for electricity and transport provide a realistic outlook on which to base Queensland’s transition planning?

3. What needs to happen to transition Queensland’s energy and transport sectors to zero-net emissions?

4. What are some transition opportunities and challenges facing regions and communities and what can be done
to facilitate a Just Transition?

5. Is climate change legislation needed to get Queensland to zero-net emissions?

Read the full report below!