Big Day for Federal and Local Government Climate Action

The Queensland Conservation Council today welcomes news that the Australian Government and Toowoomba Regional Council have both taken significant steps to support climate action in Queensland. 

Today Climate Change and Energy Minister, Chris Bowen, will announce an expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme so it can support 32 gigawatts of new renewable energy and storage generation. 

This comes as Toowoomba Regional Council unanimously passed a motion requesting the State Government to enact a moratorium on new coal seam gas projects. 

QCC’s response to the Capacity Investment Scheme:

“It’s very welcome news that the Australian Government is backing up their renewable energy target with a policy to drive clean energy investment, especially this scheme that aims to support projects that have demonstrated good community engagement and a commitment to delivering local benefits for regional communities,” said Stephanie Gray, campaigner at Queensland Conservation Council. 

“It’s vital that enough renewable energy and storage comes online as the nation’s ageing coal-fired power stations head towards retirement. Without clean energy investment we risk the lights going out, and our electricity bills and carbon emissions spiralling out of control. 

“We’d like to see Queensland get its fair share of this funding to ensure the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan stays on track. 

“It’s also essential that the federal and state governments work together on urgently delivering bio regional plans, as promised, so that we have good land-use and biodiversity mapping that signals to developers where it is unacceptable to develop projects.”

QCC’s response to the Toowoomba Regional Council’s motion:

“Toowoomba Regional Council has shown that they know the future is with renewable energy, not fossil fuels,” said Jenny Brown, Climate Lead at Queensland Conservation Council. 

“Over 9,000 natural gas wells have already developed west of Toowoomba, and local communities have seen the damage down to their land, as well as our climate.

“Toowoomba joins five other regional councils in saying no to fossil fuel expansion.

“We support Councillor Megan O’Hara Sullivan’s call for the Queensland Government to stop approving new fossil fuel projects.

“By saying ‘no’ to coal seam gas projects, Toowoomba Council is supporting cleaner air, healthier lands, and a safe climate for local residents.”

Media contacts:

Stephanie Gray 0425 543 006
Jenny Brown 0412 899 059