Hi, I’m Ashleigh. I’ve been a volunteer on the QCC Volunteer Support Team since 2022. I first started volunteering with QCC because I admired their grassroots campaigning on climate action and biodiversity loss. I’ve always had a deep concern for animals and the environment. I first started caring about environmental issues during a grade 5 class lesson on climate change. Even as a child, I knew immediately that I had to do all I could to stop climate change and help the planet. As I grew up I started participating in beach clean-ups with the Australian Conservation Foundation, volunteering at market stalls with the Wilderness Society, and of course being on the volunteer support team with QCC. Through these experiences I’ve made connections and achieved goals that would make my grade 5 self proud. By helping QCC on projects relating to climate change and biodiversity, I’ve learned new skills while making a difference. In my role I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of people from all walks of life. I’ve learned so much from them, and I’m grateful for the chance to make a difference in their lives. I believe that everyone has the power to make a positive impact on our planet, and when like-minded, passionate people work together, we can do anything!