Australian Labor Party Conference

Last week some of the biggest decision makers in the country came to Brisbane and we were right there - on the ALP conference floor and on the streets outside speaking truth to power! 🌏🌱 

QCC’s team engaged ALP members and community members on issues from climate to biodiversity conservation and the need to end deforestation and forest degradation. 

Whilst the final environment policy outcomes were not as strong as needed, ALP adopted positive policies toward a transition to net zero emissions, with specific measures to enhance local manufacturing benefits of the renewable energy revolution.

There were some positive steps toward forest protection with the government committing to update the 1992 National Forest Policy Statement. It’s not an end to native forest logging, but it’s a process that we can leverage toward that goal.  

The conference’s endorsement of Queensland LEAN’s Lake Eyre Basin (Kati Thanda) resolution has provided a pathway for QCC and other environment groups to begin discussions with Minister Plibersek about improving the management and protection of Kati Thanda’s globally significant ecological and cultural values.

Regarding Toondah Harbour, the conference passed a resolution calling on the Federal Labor Government to respect the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, when assessing the development proposal. 

The need for the economy to work within ecological limits was added to the ALP’s economic policy. 

But there’s more: 

🌟 Times up Labor: The streets of Brisbane pulsed with climate fever as hundreds of us rallied to tell Labor that time's up - we demand action to protect our country, and climate now.

🗣️ Shaping Discussions: We co-hosted a forum on the opportunities in regional communities in ending deforestation and native forest logging. With special guests Professor Andrew Macintosh and the federal Environment Minister the Hon. Tanya Plibersek along with our Director, Dave Copeman the panel discussed the huge transformational opportunities that exist in protecting native forests and woodlands and why we need to begin the transformation now.. Our voice was inescapable, and echoed the urgent need for change. 

🌿 Conservation Hub: Our stall inside the conference was a hive of activity. Igniting conversations about the need for strong nature laws and why the reforms of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act must be introduced this year. 

🏞️ Weekend Warriors: Even after the conference lights dimmed, our fight continued. Protests over the weekend defended protected lands, proving that nature's guardians are relentless. 

Many thanks for your unyielding support. We're not just raising awareness – we're shaping policies and creating ripples of transformation.