AEMO Pushes A Renewable Future - Queensland Government Must Act Fast To Make It A Reality


Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) are the future of energy in Australia, according to the 2020 Integrated Strategic Plan released today by the Australian Energy Market Operator. The plan confirms that REZs are the most economically efficient way to supply our energy needs and calls for new REZs in Southern, Central and Northern Qld. 

In light of this, Queensland Conservation Council is calling for the Palaszczuk government to create at least three Renewable Energy Zones in Queensland. 

“The Queensland Government should support the Renewable Energy Zones in the plan, and bring forward the timeframe to make sure we don’t miss out on renewable industry jobs that our regions desperately need. With an economic recovery on the cards - this is the time to take action on renewables”  says QCC’s Director, Louise Matthiesson. 

“The independent energy experts have confirmed  that renewables are the best option for our future energy needs, and batteries are a cheaper way to provide a steady power supply than new gas plants. Now we need Queensland government leadership to apply these insights and become a renewable energy superpower“ says Ms Matthiesson.

AEMO’s plan focuses only on modelling the most efficient way to deliver our current projected energy demands. QCC is calling for Queensland to go further and become a renewable energy superpower.

“Queensland should use our competitive advantage of solar, wind and available land to grow massive new investment in clean industry and exports, and create tens-of-thousands of jobs in manufacturing and mineral processing with cheap clean energy.” 

All Queensland transmission upgrades except the Qld NSW interconnector upgrade are not forecast to occur until the 2030s - far too late for the Qld Government’s climate commitments to become a reality.