Take Action - More Funding for National Parks

The Queensland Government just released their protected areas strategy, a strategy we have been waiting for since the Queensland Government first committed to doubling the size of the state's protected areas system back in 2016.

We know national parks and other protected areas are one of the best ways to conserve nature and protect cultural values. Our national parks provide a legal safeguard for our unique wildlife, landscapes and cultural heritage. Unfortunately, Queensland still has the smallest proportion of land in national parks and protected areas in the country. 

The release of the strategy is a really important step and has the potential to be a turning point on expanding and caring for our national parks and nature refuges. This is good - BUT without adequate funding the policy could fail- an ambitious plan needs to be matched with ambitious funding. 

Will you email your MP right now to let them know that you were really happy with the release of the national parks strategy but would like to see their party step up and commit to providing more funding for national parks?

You can find out more about the protected areas strategy here.