What's The Climate Action Now Story?

Origins of the Climate Action Now campaign


Where did it all begin?

This campaign literally began out of ashes…

Queenslanders and indeed the entire world watched on with devastation at the Black Summer bushfire crisis of January 2019/2020.

In response, many people on the NSW coastline emblazoned their fences and water tanks in yellow with the words ‘We want climate action’. They were on the frontline of one of the most destructive impacts of climate change – an increase in the intensity and frequency of natural disasters. They knew this - they lived it. Some lost their lives and many their livelihoods, homes, infrastructure, beloved pets, forests and wildlife. 

These signs soon grew to become the ‘Show Our Colours’ campaign https://cansign.org.au/about-us/history/

Founding member of CANsign and Show Our Colours campaigner Jack Egan and his partner lost their home in North Rosedale on New Year’s Eve. It was the final straw for Jack as well as for dairy farmer Rob Miller of Milton whose farm was decimated by the Currowan fireHe said that, “families and communities across rural and regional Australia are living through wave after wave of extreme weather events. My family has been on the land for a long time. We know what we’re seeing, and we’re not alone. The climate is not just changing, it is breaking down. I’m taking a stand and I’m asking you to do the same alongside me.”

This call to climate action is one of the most important calls that we can make in our lifetime.

We are excited to see Queenslanders get on board.