Trish Q

I volunteer with QCC because it connects me with the things I’m passionate about.  QCC supports, promotes and lobbies for those things I care about; it does so with research, science and analytics so I have confidence in their approach.  Its very open with its work, there’s no cliques or hidden agendas.  It communicates regularly with the volunteers and public.  I prepare a regular fortnightly  report on what stories are appearing in the media on the environment, climate, energy and related topics.  I make an effort to provide a comprehensive summary of local, national and global stories so that those on the QCC subscriber list have a broad view of what’s happening and might see some stories they would otherwise miss.  I know this helps me (and I hope it helps the readers) sort out and dismiss myth and mania about the environment and climate.  While it can be depressing and upsetting reading about the changes that are happening due to climate change and habitat destruction I also get hope from the reading about the passionate and clever people doing great work and the  many solutions that are out there to help us through.