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  • 550,000 soccer pitch area cleared in one year in Queensland

    New government report shows an area the size of 550,000 soccer pitches was cleared in just one year in Queensland.

    Every second in Queensland, a tree is bulldozed and a native animal dies as a consequence.  This has to stop!

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  • commented on Clearing rainforest habitat for dog shelter totally unacceptable 2017-03-23 10:03:50 +1000
    Thanks for the comments. Just for the record, the area that has been proposed for this shelter did include formally mapped essential cassowary habitat. That people have not spotted them there for some time may some say something about their status. Council recognised this themselves and apparently suggested moving the site to be right next to instead of on top of mapped essential cassowary habitat. Council is now apparently claiming that the site will be moved again down off the slope and onto the falter ex-cane farm grassy area closer to the road. We have not seen any formal evidence of this. If it is provided, this would be the basis of further analysis and consideration of the merits of the shelter, which we don’t oppose in principle – just the place it’s being proposed for.