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Toondah turtles and dugongs’ escape from dredging signals protected areas off-limits to developers

In a win for turtles, dugongs, dolphins and shorebirds, conservation groups welcome the long-awaited announcement from Minister Plibersek that she intends to reject Walker Corp’s development project at Toondah Harbour.

Rejecting the development will save from destruction mangrove and mudflat wetlands that are listed as internationally significant for humans, plants and animals under the Ramsar Convention, and sends a message that protected areas like this should be off-limits to developers.

All eyes now turn to Minister Plibersek for a final decision after public consultation. The decision occurs against the backdrop of a need for strong nature positive laws under the revision of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act that work better for both the environment and business, and protect Australia’s unique animals and plants.

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Conservationists welcome plan for new Great Barrier Reef island national parks from Cairns to Gladstone

Conservationists welcome greater protection of the Great Barrier Reef with the addition of new national parks to help safeguard the homes of green and flatback turtles, dugongs, rainforest wildlife and sea and shore birds.

The Queensland Government Island Arks initiative will convert 1,390 hectares of Great Barrier Reef islands and coastal properties to protected areas, stretching all the way from Cairns right down to Gladstone.

The Queensland Conservation Council welcomes the announcement by Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef Leanne Linard today. This is an important step towards achieving the goal of doubling Queensland’s protected areas to 17 per cent by 2030.

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Brisbane Olympics must protect koalas in Toohey Forest, SEQ

Conservationists are concerned new plans to redevelop QSAC for the Olympics could lead to clearing of important koala habitat at Toohey Forest, urging the government to commit to a 'koala-positive' Olympic Games.

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Illegal clearing of National Park wetland an “international embarrassment”

The bulldozing of a 2km-long driveway through Bowling Green National Park near Townsville is an international embarrassment for Queensland, highlighting critical problems in the state’s ability to respond to illegal clearing across the state.

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Time is ticking: Toondah decision an indication of ambition for new laws

The Queensland Conservation Council is calling for Minister Plibersek to reject Walker Corp’s proposal at Toondah Harbour that will destroy internationally significant Ramsar listed habitat for migratory birds.

Ministers Plibersek’s upcoming decision on Toondah Harbour will give Queenslanders a clear indication of her determination to deliver stronger nature laws that work better for both the environment and business.

In Canberra environmental and industry groups are meeting this week for a consultation on the new nature positive laws that must improve our environmental regulation to protect Australia’s unique animals and plants. These proposed laws will create an independent Environmental Protection Agency with the power to make strong decisions to protect the places we love, like Toondah’s wetlands.

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Public support for doubling Queensland’s national parks

4 out of 5 Queenslanders support creation of more national parks, but more must be done to ensure unique landscapes and species are properly cared for.

An overwhelming majority of Queenslanders support the creation of more national parks in the state. Polling released today by the Protect Beautiful Queensland alliance, of which Queensland Conservation Council is a founding partner, reveals:

  • 77% of Queenslanders want to see the creation of more national parks
  • 71% want to see the Queensland Government double the number of protected areas by 2030, with 64% supporting achieving this by 2032
  • 94% say they support national parks’ role in protecting Queensland’s native animals and plants, whilst 94% also say national parks are important for recreation and our way of life
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Koala habitat and 'lungs of Brisbane' to be saved by Daisy Hill Conservation Park expansion

Conservationists have welcomed the expansion of the Daisy Hill Conservation Park to better protect endangered koala habitat, while calling for more to be done to protect the species from going extinct in the state's South East.

The Queensland Government has purchased 213 hectares of land to add to the iconic Daisy Hill Conservation Park, which is not only home to a much loved koala centre, but also endangered koalas who live in this eucalypt forest.

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New hope for critically endangered Night Parrot as national parks set to expand

Conservationists have welcomed the purchase of two cattle stations in north west Queensland in the spectacular Channel Country.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has bought Tonkoro and part of Melrose near Winton, adding about 200,000 hectares to expand existing national parks in the area.

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Win for wildlife as oil and gas banned from Channel Country

Today's long-awaited decision to ban new oil and gas in the Channel Country is a huge win for the region's diverse wildlife and the future health of the Lake Eyre basin.

Conservationists have welcomed the decision by Premier Steven Miles, which follows years of opposition by Traditional Owners, graziers and environmentalists to oil and gas projects in the region.

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Win for nature, tourism as cattle station to become new Curtis Island parks

Queensland Conservation Council and National Parks Association Queensland welcome plans to protect more than 1,500 hectares of land on Curtis Island off the coast of Gladstone after the State Government purchased a cattle station and announced plans to expand the existing national park.

The State Government purchased Spadely Station on the north of the island, and announced a master planning process will be undertaken to map a path toward sustainable ecotourism, park and visitor management.

"This is a win for flatback turtles and migratory birds. This expansion will create more jobs in nature, both rangers and caretakers of the park and in nature based tourism," QCC protected areas campaigner Nicky Moffat said.

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