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Queensland LNP splinters from Feds, rules out nuclear

L-R: Sam O'Connor, Queensland Shadow Environment Minister; Dave Copeman, QCC Director

The Queensland Opposition has distanced themselves from their federal counterparts by ruling out nuclear power for the state, a move that has been welcomed by the Queensland Conservation Council.

Yesterday at the Queensland Environment Round Table, Sam O'Connor, Queensland's Shadow Environment Minister, publicly guaranteed that nuclear will not be a part of the State LNP's energy transformation plan, citing that the cost just doesn't stack up.

Mr O'Connor also raised doubts about communities' willingness to accept nuclear reactors in their local area.

Dave Copeman, Director of the Queensland Conservation Council, said: 

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Coalition's nuclear plan a meltdown of reason

When I was studying Chemistry at University I was intrigued by the idea of nuclear energy. I thought unleashing the power of the atom with nuclear fission was genius, and the best part, it could clean up Australia's most polluting sector.

Since then I've learnt that, like my dreams of a Chemistry nobel prize, nuclear energy in Australia has no feasible path to reality.

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Five reasons to say no to nuclear

As more and more Australians are vocally calling on their leaders to deliver a renewable energy future, a predictable tide of commentators, media articles and inquiries have called for Australia to develop its nuclear energy capabilities. 

But we don't believe nuclear will ever be part of Australia’s net zero emissions future, for five main reasons:

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