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2024-25 Federal Budget delivers strong investment in clean energy, but "minimum deposit" on nature

Queensland Conservation Council has welcomed the Commonwealth Government's 2024-25 Budget's investment in renewables, clean industries, and a Future Made in Australia.

However, this budget is still missing investment of similar scale to map our threatened animals and plants, or funds to expand our national parks and protected areas.

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Milestone day for climate action receives mixed support from Queensland LNP

The Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) today celebrates a monumental day for climate action in Queensland with the passing of two legislations to lock into law Queensland’s 75 per cent emission reduction target and 80 per cent renewable energy target.

The peak conservation group welcomes the LNP Opposition’s public support for the emissions targets, but is concerned that they voted against the Bill to legislate Queensland’s renewable energy targets.

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New measures to improve renewable rollout welcomed

Funding from the Queensland Government to improve the environmental and social outcomes of renewable energy have today been welcomed by the Queensland Conservation Council.

The $5.5 million funding package will go towards facilitating solar panel recycling as well as guiding better practice in the renewable energy sector.

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Revealed: Why Queensland power bills remain high, despite renewable energy savings

New analysis has found that Queensland's more than 1 million rooftop solar installations and large-scale renewable projects brought down average wholesale power prices in 2023 by $117/MWh.

The research (PDF 325k) by the Queensland Conservation Council found these savings in the wholesale market would equate to an average saving of $400 per household if they were passed on by electricity retailers.

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Queensland conservationists back positive renewables

Today the Queensland Conservation Council, alongside nine Queensland regional environmental and conservation groups, have released a shared statement in support of a well-planned roll out of renewable energy (PDF 7mb).

The statement points to the positive outcomes that the energy transformation can have for the environment, regional and First Nations communities if delivered well.

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Toondah turtles and dugongs’ escape from dredging signals protected areas off-limits to developers

In a win for turtles, dugongs, dolphins and shorebirds, conservation groups welcome the long-awaited announcement from Minister Plibersek that she intends to reject Walker Corp’s development project at Toondah Harbour.

Rejecting the development will save from destruction mangrove and mudflat wetlands that are listed as internationally significant for humans, plants and animals under the Ramsar Convention, and sends a message that protected areas like this should be off-limits to developers.

All eyes now turn to Minister Plibersek for a final decision after public consultation. The decision occurs against the backdrop of a need for strong nature positive laws under the revision of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act that work better for both the environment and business, and protect Australia’s unique animals and plants.

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Conservationists welcome plan for new Great Barrier Reef island national parks from Cairns to Gladstone

Conservationists welcome greater protection of the Great Barrier Reef with the addition of new national parks to help safeguard the homes of green and flatback turtles, dugongs, rainforest wildlife and sea and shore birds.

The Queensland Government Island Arks initiative will convert 1,390 hectares of Great Barrier Reef islands and coastal properties to protected areas, stretching all the way from Cairns right down to Gladstone.

The Queensland Conservation Council welcomes the announcement by Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef Leanne Linard today. This is an important step towards achieving the goal of doubling Queensland’s protected areas to 17 per cent by 2030.

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Albanese government fails to monitor deforestation, leaving it to citizen scientists to uncover potentially illegal clearing

The work of citizen scientists has laid bare the staggering lack of federal government monitoring of deforestation in Australia, after six instances of potentially unlawful land clearing were uncovered in the last four months through a volunteer monitoring program.

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Regional communities to have greater say in Qld renewables roll out

The Queensland Conservation Council welcomes the Queensland Government's release of the Renewable Energy Zone Roadmap as a leap toward better outcomes for regional communities through the energy transformation.

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Joint deforestation investigation exposes broken national environment law

A joint investigation by three of Australia's leading environmental organisations has uncovered multiple instances of large-scale deforestation which were not referred to the federal government for approval.

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