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Regional Queenslanders deserve better than nuclear fantasies

The Federal Coalition's focus on uneconomic nuclear power stations is a dangerous distraction from real climate action.

The Coalition has today earmarked Callide and Tarong as possible sites for nuclear power plants that would be built if it were elected.

Spruiking this false solution creates uncertainty for regional communities when they deserve a well-planned and actionable pathway for transitioning their local economies.

The Queensland Conservation Council calls on the Federal Coalition to provide genuine solutions to the climate crisis that will actually reduce pollution this decade, not divide the community with this new unrealistic proposal designed to delay climate action.

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State LNP needs to show Queensland their renewable energy plan

Queensland Conservation Council has called on the State LNP to come clean on their plan to meet our emissions reduction targets, after David Crisafulli’s budget response confirmed the LNP would not support the Pioneer-Burdekin pumped hydro project.

The LNP also did not vote for the renewable energy targets of 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035 in April, meaning they do not have a plan to meet the 75% emissions reduction target which they profess to support.

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Miles Budget locks in cleaner, greener future for Qld, but where does Crisafulli stand?

Queensland Conservation Council welcomes the investment into Queensland’s renewable energy future in the 2024 State Budget. This is crucial to protect our environment, particularly the Great Barrier Reef and also build long term opportunities right around Queensland.

The State LNP now needs to confirm how they will support Queensland’s environment and economy through renewable energy to meet our 2035 climate targets.

Queensland has a huge opportunity in the move to renewable energy, but we still have a lot of work to do to build it in a way that protects nature and communities. Queenslanders need certainty on how their Government will be able to lead the energy transformation post October.

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Crisafulli's uncertainty on renewables targets is cause for alarm

Conservationists are concerned the State Opposition is leaving the door open to lower renewable energy targets if it were elected, putting Queenslanders, the Great Barrier Reef and future green economy jobs at risk.

State Opposition Leader David Crisafulli revealed to 7 News last night that he would look at lowering legislated renewable energy targets if he became Premier, despite professing his support to pass the landmark environment laws only seven weeks ago in Parliament.

The Queensland Conservation Council is calling on the Opposition Leader to come clean on his plan for the energy transition before the next election.

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A crack down on deforestation on the way with EPA and EIA

With rampant deforestation across the country and a biodiversity crisis playing out, a new nature watchdog and transparent conservation data are welcome developments, but don’t go far enough to stop more Australian plants and animals dying out this decade.

The second stage of nature positive reforms were introduced into parliament today, setting up Environment Protection Australia and Environment Information Australia.

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Public ownership of Callide C would provide community certainty

The Queensland Conservation Council welcomes news that state-owned CS Energy is seeking to buy the remaining 50 per cent share of the Callide C coal station. The unreliable coal station is currently owned 50/50 by CS Energy and overseas corporations.

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2024-25 Federal Budget delivers strong investment in clean energy, but "minimum deposit" on nature

Queensland Conservation Council has welcomed the Commonwealth Government's 2024-25 Budget's investment in renewables, clean industries, and a Future Made in Australia.

However, this budget is still missing investment of similar scale to map our threatened animals and plants, or funds to expand our national parks and protected areas.

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Milestone day for climate action receives mixed support from Queensland LNP

The Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) today celebrates a monumental day for climate action in Queensland with the passing of two legislations to lock into law Queensland’s 75 per cent emission reduction target and 80 per cent renewable energy target.

The peak conservation group welcomes the LNP Opposition’s public support for the emissions targets, but is concerned that they voted against the Bill to legislate Queensland’s renewable energy targets.

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New measures to improve renewable rollout welcomed

Funding from the Queensland Government to improve the environmental and social outcomes of renewable energy have today been welcomed by the Queensland Conservation Council.

The $5.5 million funding package will go towards facilitating solar panel recycling as well as guiding better practice in the renewable energy sector.

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Revealed: Why Queensland power bills remain high, despite renewable energy savings

New analysis has found that Queensland's more than 1 million rooftop solar installations and large-scale renewable projects brought down average wholesale power prices in 2023 by $117/MWh.

The research (PDF 325k) by the Queensland Conservation Council found these savings in the wholesale market would equate to an average saving of $400 per household if they were passed on by electricity retailers.

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