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Public ownership of Callide C would provide community certainty

The Queensland Conservation Council welcomes news that state-owned CS Energy is seeking to buy the remaining 50 per cent share of the Callide C coal station. The unreliable coal station is currently owned 50/50 by CS Energy and overseas corporations.

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Report: Coal tour of Central Queensland

I was so chuffed that Environmental Advocacy in Central Queensland invited me to speak at their Climate Leaders event in Yeppoon. The 60 attendees willing to step up for a safer future in challenging circumstances were an absolute inspiration.

Our precious ecosystems called 'head west young man', despite my more advanced age. A couple hundred kilometers later we were in the town of Dingo on Gangulu Country, where coal mining threatens to subsume this proud agricultural region.

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Queenslanders still not seeing the full benefits of renewable energy on their power bills

Queensland Conservation Council today welcomes the stabilisation of prices in the 2024-25 Australian Energy Regulators Default Market Offer.

"This year, customers on the default market offer in Queensland will face increases of up to 2.7 per cent. This is a far cry from last year where Queensland consumers faced price hikes of 20 per cent," said QCC's Energy Strategist Clare Silcock.

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Coalition's nuclear plan a meltdown of reason

When I was studying Chemistry at University I was intrigued by the idea of nuclear energy. I thought unleashing the power of the atom with nuclear fission was genius, and the best part, it could clean up Australia's most polluting sector.

Since then I've learnt that, like my dreams of a Chemistry nobel prize, nuclear energy in Australia has no feasible path to reality.

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QCC condemns approval of Winchester South mega mine

The Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation's recent approval of Whitehaven's proposed mega mine, Winchester South, is a terrible decision that will impact on Queenslanders still clearing up from storms, fires and floods made worse by climate change.

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More local solar, storage key to keeping lights on in heat

The Queensland Conservation Council is calling for more government support for household solar, storage and energy efficiency in response to power outages across the state.

"Unfortunately, due to climate change we’re seeing more frequent and extreme heat waves and other weather events and this puts our electricity grid under a lot of stress," said Stephanie Gray, campaigner at Queensland Conservation Council.

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New Qld Renewable Energy Target Legislation An Opportunity for LNP to End Energy Wars

The Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) today welcomes news that the Queensland Government will introduce new legislation to Parliament to cement Queensland's new 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035 Renewable Energy Targets in law.

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Hits and Misses in the 2023-24 Qld Budget

The 2023 Queensland budget, released this week, has been an opportunity for the state to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to protecting our climate, communities and nature for future generations.

Overall this budget is extremely positive for the state. With record investment in long-term infrastructure for renewable energy projects, immediate cost-of-living relief on energy bills for all households, and funding to increase national parks and prevent land clearing, there are many things to celebrate.

Much of this has been funded by a modest increase in royalties on the superprofits of Queensland coal companies, meaning those who contributed most to the climate and cost of living crisis are finally helping pay for the renewable energy solutions.

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Santos earnings and approvals make a mockery of climate policy

Australia’s most recognised oil and gas company, Santos, has revealed it made a staggering $3 billion profit in 2022, with their underlying profit up 160%, showing its bad behaviour is paying off. 

The federal Government yesterday approved an additional 166 gas wells in Queensland which would lock Queenslanders into climate chaos for decades to come.

Last year, it was revealed that Santos covered up an oil spill from the Varanus Island oil rig off WA which killed dolphins. In December, Santos’ approvals to drill for gas in the Tiwi sea country were invalidated by a Federal Court, because they hadn’t consulted the Traditional Owners. 

In our own state, Santos produced more carbon emissions than 200,000 Queenslanders but paid less company tax than the average person last year. 


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