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Calls for bi-partisan support on climate action as Queensland introduces new emissions legislation

The Queensland Government's launch of its 75 percent by 2035 emission reduction legislation today signals an impressive turnaround for Australia’s most polluting state, according to the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC).

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QCC condemns approval of Winchester South mega mine

The Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation's recent approval of Whitehaven's proposed mega mine, Winchester South, is a terrible decision that will impact on Queenslanders still clearing up from storms, fires and floods made worse by climate change.

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Time to "slam the brakes" on the climate crisis as third cyclone threat looms for Queensland

With threats of yet another tropical cyclone looming over the Coral Sea, a sobering truth has emerged: climate change is no longer a distant threat but an immediate issue for all Queenslanders.

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More local solar, storage key to keeping lights on in heat

The Queensland Conservation Council is calling for more government support for household solar, storage and energy efficiency in response to power outages across the state.

"Unfortunately, due to climate change we’re seeing more frequent and extreme heat waves and other weather events and this puts our electricity grid under a lot of stress," said Stephanie Gray, campaigner at Queensland Conservation Council.

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Queensland reaches 1 million solar milestone

Queensland has reached an incredible clean energy milestone: 1 million rooftop solar installations, according to data by the Clean Energy Regulator.

The Queensland Conservation Council celebrates Queensland's world leading uptake of rooftop PV and says the rooftop revolution was made possible by smart government policy.

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FNQ floods - Qld needs bipartisan climate targets and climate resilient planning

Queensland Conservation Council is calling on the Queensland Government and Opposition to respond fully to the ongoing FNQ flood disasters, and take action to keep Queenslanders safe now and in the future. This includes bipartisan emission reduction targets, and climate resilient planning that properly assesses the impact of climate change.

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Qld’s 75% emissions target builds momentum for strong climate action

Queensland's new target of 75% emissions reduction by 2035 will drive strong climate action across the state, with conservationists urging the State LNP to commit to a bipartisan approach to the target.

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Call for Queensland to improve emissions targets as El Niño declared

A coalition of environment groups has released a joint letter calling on the Queensland Government to urgently improve its emissions reduction targets following today’s declaration that Australia will face hotter and drier conditions as a result of an El Niño event this summer.

The joint letter – signed by 14 groups representing more than 931,500 Queenslanders – calls on Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to strengthen Queensland’s emissions reduction targets to at least 60% by 2030, 70% by 2032 and 90% below 2005 levels by 2035.

These targets would bring Queensland in line with the ambition of other states and closer to what climate science shows is the minimum required for Queensland to do its part to hold warming to 1.5°C.

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The Queensland Government is at risk of winning the prize no one wants, Australia’s number one polluter

With the Liddell power station in NSW closing today, the Queensland Government is the biggest coal powered generator in the country, and at risk of becoming Australia’s biggest climate polluter, through CS Energy, Stanwell and CleanCo. 

Queensland Conservation Council Director Dave Copeman says that "this is a threat to the Queensland Government’s vision to become a renewable superpower." 

“We welcomed the Queensland Government’s Energy and Jobs Plan last year, as it provided a pathway to move Queensland away from coal. However, the closure of Liddell highlights that Queensland is still moving too slowly to catch up with Southern states."  

“In 2022, 22% of Queensland’s energy came from renewable sources. The rest of the National Electricity Market, excluding Queensland, averaged 40%. With the closure of LIddell, the Queensland Government will become the biggest coal-fired power generator in the country, generating 31 TWh in 2022, compared to 29 TWh from AGL’s remaining generators."

“The Government’s decision to rebuild Callide C4 means it will be neck and neck with AGL for the title of biggest polluter in Australia. If Callide C returns to its operating levels pre-explosion, our emissions will be within 2% of AGLs, and small variations in generation could tip us into first place."

“We need to be competing to secure the jobs and investment in long term future industries, not to be the biggest polluter. We desperately need to see legislated renewable energy targets and an accelerated build of renewable energy so that we can get back into the right race.” 

“To do this, we need bipartisan support for the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan from the LNP opposition. Queenslanders right now are paying the highest electricity prices caused by a lost decade of action on energy transformation, and we can’t afford any more steps backwards. We are calling on David Crisafulli to outline his plan for our energy future, and it must meet or exceed the renewable energy targets within the Jobs and Energy Plan.  We need bipartisan support for a faster transition, or we’ll win the prize no one wants.” 


Jenny Brown, Climate Campaigner, Queensland Conservation Council

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