Saving Wild Homes People's Choice 2022

Right now, we are facing a biodiversity crisis, protected areas are widely recognised as one of the most effective approaches to the conservation of nature. They provide legal protection for culture, wildlife, ecosystems and landscapes and are central in providing safe haven for threatened species. There are many Wild Homes in Qld in the bush, the creeks, the beaches, and deserts that desperately need protecting!

Over the last couple of months national park supporters have been busy creating art for our Saving Wild Homes art competition. It has been great seeing so many people across all ages spend their time creating such incredible and meaningful art to show why protected areas are so important for the protection of our wildlife. People's choice is now closed but you can check out all the incredible artwork here. 

Our national parks are home to more wild plants and animals than any other state or territory in Australia, but we also have the smallest area of protected land. With so much of Queensland's wildlife now under threat, we urgently need to step up and protect their homes as First Nations people have for tens of thousands of years. Please find out more about our National Parks for Life campaign here.

Child - Under 10

Child - 10-16


Adult - 17+