Sharing stories through art can be a powerful way to get a message across.
A picture paints a thousand words.

Last year QCC volunteers lead a Children's Art Competition to help demonstrate why protected areas are so important to save wild homes. This year we are opening up the competition to all ages, because we know everyone has a wildlife story to share. Open the entry form and submit your work here before August 31st. 

Right now, we are facing a biodiversity crisis, protected areas are widely recognised as one of the most effective approaches to the conservation of nature. They provide legal protection for culture, wildlife, ecosystems and landscapes and are central in providing safe haven for threatened species. There are many Wild Homes in Qld in the bush, the creeks, the beaches, and deserts that desperately need protecting!

Our national parks are home to more wild plants and animals than any other state or territory in Australia, but we also have the smallest area of protected land. With so much of Queensland's wildlife now under threat, we urgently need to step up and protect their homes as First Nations people have for tens of thousands of years. Please find out more about our National Parks for Life campaign here.

This year Saving Wild Homes is an all ages competition, no matter how old or young you are, if you love nature we want to hear from you! You could help us tell the world and the Qld Government how important it is to Save Wild Homes. 

Feel free to share this among your friends, school and networks. Get in touch if you would like more info before sharing. [email protected]

A bit of inspiration... 

Have a think about wild homes and why they are so important. Are there any national parks that are important to you or important habitat that isn't protected such a native state forests that you would like to highlight. Are these areas home to vulnerable or endangered wildlife who need their story shared? What are the threats these species are facing?

Make sure it is a drawing or painting or mixed media. You can use felt pens, pencils, watercolour, paint, oils, pastel, acrylic or mixed media in your artwork just make sure it has lots of bright colour.

How you do your drawing or painting is up to you, but it must be:

  • created by you and not created by someone else, such as a parent or family member or a copy of someone else’s artwork.
  • a drawing or painting, and not a photograph, video or digital work. 

Please keep your original in a safe place, we may ask to exhibit the prize winners.


How to enter... 

To submit your artwork for judging, you will need to create a digital copy of the original artwork, and please aim for A4 (3510 x 2490 pixels, 300dpi) in size. This can be a photograph or scanned copy of your work but should not use any digital modification. Submit your work by August 31st. 

How will the artwork be used...

As well as being a competition, your artwork is going to play an important role in getting the message across that protected areas are important. We will deliver your artwork to the environment minister, and might use it for campaign material or as part of legal creative stunts such as projecting it on buildings. 

The artwork will be yours but as part of agreeing to terms and conditions we will be able to use your art for our campaign. We will always credit you. Your creative skills we be going towards helping highlight the importance of protected areas.


Judging of the artwork...

All artwork will be judged against the below criteria, also listed in the Terms and Conditions. We are accepting a maximum of 2 pieces or artwork per person. 

  1. Quality of the artwork, with age taken into account in the case of a child's artwork;
  2. The artwork supports the theme of ‘Saving Wild Homes’, communicates a strong message about the importance of protected areas and/or the threats habitats face; and
  3. The artwork tells a story of a specific protected or unprotected area, and/or the story of a species that calls these places home.

We have 3 categories to enter Under 10, 10 - 17 and and older. When entering for a child share their age so judges can account for that. We will also open up a People's Choice vote, to allow the public to determine which artwork they enjoy. 

By entering the competition you have an opportunity to win one of these generously donated prizes ....

- A family pass to Skateaway  

- A book voucher from Scrumptious Reads

- Plants from Northey Street City Farm

- Return Car Ferry Voucher to Minjerribah from Sealink

- Paint and Sip or Art Supplies Voucher by Cork and Chroma

- Food platter voucher for Stradbroke Surf Life Saving Club

- A voucher for two QPAC tickets, provided as part of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Community Support Program.