Today's renewable energy statements welcome step forward

MEDIA RELEASE for June 5 2017

Turning the Sunshine State into the Sun-Powered State:

Peak state environment group Queensland Conservation Council has welcomed the Palaszczuk government’s public affirmation of a target of 50% renewable energy in Queensland by 2030, as well as the commitment to getting on with building a renewables future now and not waiting for national energy policy to be resolved.

The Premier, the Treasurer and the Energy Minister released a series of policy statements this morning, under the banner of the ‘Powering Queensland Plan’. The commitments include the release of the Final Report from the Renewable Energy Expert Panel and conformation that the Palaszczuk government will ensure at least half of Queensland’s power in 2030 is from renewable energy sources.

Queensland Conservation Council is part of the Sun-Powered Queensland Alliance which has sought formal adoption of ambitious renewable energy targets in Queensland, including a rapid shift away from coal and gas fired power, and the achievement of 100% renewable energy as quickly as possible.

“Today’s renewable energy statements from the Queensland government are a welcome step forward in turning the Sunshine State into the Sun-Powered State”, said Queensland Conservation Council head Dr Tim Seelig.

“Queensland currently has a lower level of renewable energy production compared to most other states, but it has abundant sunshine and also wind and pumped hydro-power opportunities.

“Combined with advances in renewables technologies, falling establishment prices and a rapid expansion in energy battery storage capacity, we have the ability and the opportunity now to quickly transform our energy system in Queensland to a clean, zero carbon future.

“Affirming the target of 50% renewable energy in Queensland by 2030 is an important symbolic as well as practical move which will make it clear where the government is heading, and it also shows investors that there is a clear pathway for backing renewables financially.

“As technologies improve, costs of renewables fall, and the climate effects of coal and gas based power become socially as well as environmentally unacceptable, we need our governments to adopt bold plans and to embrace a sustainable energy future.


“We would like to see the Queensland renewable energy target as a minimum goal, one that is legislated and then progressively reported on, and one that can be increased as the energy system is transformed.


“And what better day to announce all this than World Environment Day!


“What we are still missing is a clear, sensible national policy approach towards renewable energy and climate change, and a greater commitment at the state level to move away from fossil fuels faster and more extensively.”


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Queensland Conservation Council Coordinator Dr Tim Seelig on 0439 201 183


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