Queensland Labor

We have seen the release of a really strong and comprehensive policy package from Labor, which has met most of our demands and gone further than our requests in terms of carbon farming program.  This is perhaps the best policy position that we have ever seen from Labor in Queensland on land clearing and bushland protection. There is more to do, particularly around peri-urban clearing and it was disappointing that the Koala Expert Panel Report did not get released prior to the election, as this would have generated responses and other commitments.  However, we are still expecting some commitment to working with QCC and other stakeholders to work through and implement the Koala Expert Panel's recommendations.

Labor has also restated its commitment to renewable energy, climate change policy, and many other positive aspects of conservation policy and environmental protections.  This includes a promise to conduct a full review of Queensland's offsets policy and regime.

Labor has made it clear that it won't allow use of taxpayer funds for the Adani mine or rail project. This and all other proposed new coal mines make no sense given climate change and the need to protect our fragile nature. QCC will continue to oppose these projects, and will continue to advocate for a change in position with Labor.

Overall, Labor's conservation and climate commitments ahead of the 2017 state election represent the strongest environmental policy stand that it has promoted. 

Labor's formal responses to our conservation priorities can be read here.