QCC Executive members

Executive Member (Voluntary)

Queensland Conservation Council

The Queensland Conservation Council is seeking to fulfil up to three casual vacancies on its executive committee.

The committee is a highly motivated group of environmentalists from all over Queensland. We are a diverse group whose passion for the protection of Queensland’s natural places unites us. Our committee is committed to working actively to ensure our organisation is growing and thriving.

In filling three casual vacancies we are seeking to compliment the skills of the existing members by recruiting individuals with skills in fundraising, organisational change management, and human resources expertise.

We are committed to supporting First Nations leadership in QCC, and would encourage any interested First Nations leaders to apply.

  • 2-4 hours per week

  • Main governing body of Queensland Conservation Council

Joining the executive committee will give you the opportunity to join a group of people working to drive the strategic direction and good governance of the Queensland Conservation Council, supporting a highly effective staff and volunteer team leading some of Queensland’s most important nature and climate campaigns.

Location: Location flexible, with strong preference for Queensland location.

Hours: 2-4 hours on average a week to QCC matters. Members are expected to attend monthly committee meetings, monthly subcommittee meetings, and actively contribute to the progress of annual organisational plans

Term of position: Casual vacancy to be filled until next AGM, December 2022

This is a voluntary position.


  • Attend and participate in Executive committee meetings, 5:30pm on the third Tuesday of each month

  • Prepare for Executive Committee meetings ahead of time by reading papers and considering proposed motions

  • Engage in one of QCC’s subcommittees (currently HR, fundraising, decolonisation and governance).

  • Ensure that QCC maintains good policies and procedures that care for staff and facilitate a healthy organisation

  • Ensure the legislative compliance of the organisation

  • Monitor the implementation of QCC’s 2021-2023 strategic plan

  • To attend General Meetings as needed (two per year) and the Annual General Meeting

  • To fulfil specific roles outlined below as agreed

  • To take part in at least one of the Executive’s subcommittees (current sub-committees are: fundraising, human resources, governance, public fund management committee)

  • To fulfil responsibilities of Executive Committee members as specified in QCC’s policies and procedures