Ask our Politicians to Power-up Queensland With Clean, Renewable Energy


Did you know that burning coal is Australia’s leading cause of climate change?

Would you be surprised to know that one organisation is responsible for two-thirds of the coal burnt in Queensland?

Would you be more surprised to learn that organisation is our elected State government? 

Of the eight coal power plants in Queensland, six are owned or controlled by the state government, and use two-thirds of the coal burned in Queensland. In other words, the State government literally has the power to make change happen.

Currently, Queensland is Australia’s biggest carbon emitter, and Australia’s electricity grid is one of the most polluting in the world. There is no such thing as “clean coal”. Every day we burn more dirty coal is another day of needless toxic pollution.

The Queensland Conservation Council is campaigning to ensure Queenslanders can look forward to a safe and prosperous future, where coal power stations are replaced by clean renewable energy.

Sign the petition to ask our politicians to take real action to fight coal’s costly contribution to climate change.

Dear Premier,

We, the undersigned, urge you to use your power and ownership of Queensland’s electricity system to deliver on your promise to cut Queensland’s climate pollution, and get us on track to zero net emissions by 2050, or sooner.

Queenslanders need you to be the hero of the hour and:

  1. Rule out any new coal-fired power stations in Queensland
  2. Develop a plan to shift away from polluting coal power
  3. Power-up Queensland with clean renewable energy


Despite the new global challenges we are facing, Queenslanders want to see the Sunshine State lead the way in creating a sustainable low-carbon economy and a safe future for our kids. You have that power. Please don’t let us down.


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  • Trevor Armstrong
    signed 2020-05-08 16:14:59 +1000
  • Judith Seaboyer
    signed 2020-05-08 16:11:16 +1000
    It has been fantastic to see the premier fighting for the people of Queensland in the last months. Time now to fight for Queensland, Australia and the world against carbon emissions. We must fund renewable energy to provide jobs and to save jobs in tourism.
  • Janis Cooke
    signed 2020-05-08 16:10:28 +1000
  • Sophia Walter
    signed 2020-05-08 16:07:08 +1000
  • Daryll Bellingham
    signed 2020-05-08 15:56:06 +1000
    A phase out of coal power stations is a high priority. We need a plan for when and how all of the power stations controlled by Qld Government are 100% renewable. There many more jobs in renewables and the reduction in carbon emissions would more than compensate for the jobs transitions needed. Solar and wind energy is now much cheaper that fossil fuels.
  • Keila Waksvik
    signed 2020-05-08 15:53:18 +1000
  • Linda Mangubhai
    signed 2020-05-08 15:52:09 +1000
    Now is the time to change our habits for the better.
  • Brenda Brazendale
    signed 2020-05-08 15:52:00 +1000
  • Sean Corrigan
    signed 2020-05-08 15:51:28 +1000
  • Thomas Grayden
    signed 2020-05-08 15:50:21 +1000
    Please move to renewable power, coal has no future and is so detrimental to the environment, there really is no other option. Make the move now!
  • George Theobald
    signed 2020-05-08 15:44:08 +1000
  • Dermot Dorgan
    signed 2020-05-08 15:32:21 +1000
    For the sake of our children and grandchildren, Premier, please accelerate the transition away from coal-fired power. Deliberately spreading coronavirus instead of trying to combat it would bring a health disaster down on our heads. Maintaining business as usual in the coal industry will just as surely bring climate disaster on our heads.
  • Susan Mot
    signed 2020-05-08 15:31:05 +1000
  • Jeremy Aitken
    signed 2020-05-08 15:23:00 +1000
  • Katja Jezewski
    signed 2020-05-08 15:19:23 +1000
    Take cake much more + do better for the climate pollution in Queensland!
  • Lorraine Crighton
    signed 2020-05-08 15:14:09 +1000
    We need to be self-sufficient in energy to ensure the security of our food chain and also to help in increasing manufacturing generally. In view of recent events we can’t solely rely on global trade of fossil fuels anymore.
  • Crystal Falknau
    signed 2020-05-08 15:13:49 +1000
  • Brian Hobby
    signed 2020-05-08 15:11:47 +1000
  • Cath Ivin
    signed 2020-05-08 15:10:44 +1000
  • Pam Maegdefrau
    signed 2020-05-08 15:08:02 +1000
    For a State that has almost year-round sun and lots of wind … our Government can no longer ignore the NEED to embrace re-newables for our energy future. We MUST .. become sustainable in every way possible, and economically responsible. With COVID19 .. the world needs to take stock and study what we need for a safe and sustainable future. I applaud the decision to build a solar farm in a mining area …. AND WE NEED MANY MORE SUCH INITIATIVES …. and as quickly as possible! We cannot afford to waste anymore money on out-of-date technology that is responsible for a deadly future, for our people, our wildlife and our forests!
  • Eric Troupe
    signed 2020-05-08 14:56:18 +1000
    eric troupe
  • Graham Coghill
    signed 2020-05-08 14:55:32 +1000
  • Peter Horler
    signed 2020-05-08 14:49:12 +1000
  • Rita Cusack
    signed 2020-05-08 14:48:07 +1000
  • Bruce Cutts
    signed via 2020-05-08 14:47:44 +1000
  • Kathy Petrik
    signed 2020-05-08 14:47:06 +1000
  • denise seabright
    signed 2020-05-08 14:46:50 +1000
  • Malcolm Paterson
    signed 2020-05-08 14:45:07 +1000
  • Margaret Ferguson
    signed 2020-05-08 14:40:35 +1000
  • Jenny Brown
    signed 2020-05-08 14:38:39 +1000