Queensland's Natural Wonders Photography Awards | 2019
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Photography has long been an essential tool for protecting our natural environment. Images of environmental devastation arouse public anger, while photos of adorable or amazing native creatures inspire us to protect their habitat.

That’s why Queensland Conservation Council is launching Queensland’s Natural Wonders Photography Awards, to recognise and celebrate the power of images - and the importance of photographers - in protecting our natural world.

For more information on the Awards, click here. 


Anyone can enter, just follow these simple instructions, pay a small entry fee and upload your stunning images of Queensland’s natural environment.

Step 1: Read the Terms and Conditions

Make sure you read these important terms and conditions for entry. You must agree to these terms in order to enter.

Step Two: Pay your entry fee

Select your entry level and click on the correct entry fee from the options on the left, then follow the prompts and enter your details. All proceeds from the competition go to supporting QCCs environmental campaigns.

  • Standard entry fee: $25 for each image entered
  • Under 18s junior entry fee: $10 for each image entered

Step 3: Upload your photo

You will be emailed a private link to the photo submission webpage. Follow the link to upload your photograph, along with details, a title, and a caption. You will require a Google account to complete this step. 

Want to submit more than one photograph? Each person can enter up to five photographs. To enter more than one photo in the competition, you will need to pay a separate entry fee for each image and upload each one as a separate entry.

If you submit more than five images, the five latest submissions will be accepted. There will be no refunds offered for disqualified submissions in the case of extra entries.