Hi, I'm Pam. The following are projects I mainly worked on so you get an idea of the varied roles volunteers can play. We organised walks at Toohey Forest and Boondall Wetlands and ran the Art Competition called Saving Wild Homes two years in a row. I also had some involvement in the Ferny Forest State Forest protest which the State Government was intending to log. People on the Sunshine Coast were passionately involved with the Ferny Forest situation and their work resulted in the State Government deciding not to log that area. I also assisted with approaching people about putting up Climate Action Signs which was a very effective method of raising awareness and showing the government how many people understand Climate Change is an issue which needs to be dealt with now, this decade and cannot be put off. This year we are following up entrants from the Art Competition to get them to tell the stories around their art entries which can be used to further the National Parks Campaign. The other work revolves around Active events where volunteers help to address or add focus to certain issues, the Citizen Science area where volunteers find, count, record and log the number and types of species that may be living in a specific area.