Our Executive

Dick Copeman – Chair

Previously a medical practitioner working in Aboriginal health, general practice and palliative care, Dick’s interests in nutrition and public health lead him progressively into health policy, food policy, environmental activism and permaculture. Dick established the Eco-Consumer newsletter, based at the Qld Conservation Council in 1993 and was involved in campaigns against genetically engineered food, cotton farming on the Cooper and in the successful land clearing campaign of the mid 90s. In 1995-6, Dick was Project officer for the Fair Trade Forum, auspiced by the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Australian Council of Trade Unions. From 1994 till the present, Dick has been involved in helping establish and develop Northey Street City Farm in inner Brisbane, and in teaching permaculture there. Dick has been chair or convenor of many organisations, including Doctors’ Reform Society QLD, Healthy Cities QLD, Community Health Association QLD, QLD Food Alliance, Kelvin Grove State High School P & C, Northey Street City Farm and the Labor Environment Action Network, QLD.

Terry Pinnell - Treasurer

Terry has been a financial planner since 1989 and is the director of Ethical Investment Advisers, a company specialising in ethical investment. He is Chair of the Ethical Advisers Co-op which is the peak body for ethical advisers around Australia. Terry has previously been facilitator and chair of Alternative To Violence Project (Qld), a group dedicated to conflict resolution, and has also previously been Chair of Jacaranda House, a social housing company. He is involved, through personal investment or for clients, in 6 Body Corp committees in which he is the secretary or chair.

Kevin Guy - Secretary

Kevin has had a long term commitment to environmental issues, having helped establish the Newcastle branch of The Wilderness Society (TWS) in 1987, worked as the editor of Wilderness News (1988-89), and been TWS's Cape York Campaign Coordinator from 1990-91. He has previously worked for the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) on the successful Tully-Millstream campaign. He has also served as an Australian Conservation Foundation Councillor (Queensland) as an Executive Member. He has experience and interest in policy development and community capacity building for non-government organisations.

Eleanor Smith

Eleanor has been an active member of the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) executive for over 2 years. She has been a part of the Queensland environment movement for over 10 years, volunteering, working in, and working in alliance with many QCC member groups from across the state. She has a specific interest in mining issues, but understands the plethora of challenges we face in Queensland and also has an interest in movement and organisational growth and development.

Narelle McCarthy

Narelle undertakes the liaison and advocacy roles with the Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC), the peak environmental advocacy group for the Sunshine Coast region since 1980. SCEC currently represents and engages with its 64 community groups working on environmental protection, conservation, natural resource management, resident interest, and sustainability. This membership collectively represents over 15,000 people across the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland with a further 4,000 people as SCEC supporters. With experience in the spheres of Federal government and not-for-profit organisations, Narelle has been actively studying and working across the environment and conservation sectors for 15 years. This experiences encompasses a range of areas including advocacy, strategic policy and planning, community and stakeholder engagement. 

Ellen Weber

Ellen has over 20 years' experience across diverse natural resource management fields including protected area management and conservation, biodiversity, threatened species, pest management, sustainable agriculture, indigenous ranger programs, community development and program management. She has extensive knowledge of regional issues and institutions in Northern Australia, as well as extensive regional, national, and international networks with environment and resource management organisations, the not-for-profit sector and community groups. She has strong experience in developing projects and delivering services in partnership with community, researchers, indigenous groups, government, and industry groups supporting solutions for sustainable land management and policy. 

Lucy Graham

Lucy has been involved with the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre for a number of years now. She is passionate about regional Queensland and the important role that regional bodies play in helping to protect our environment. She brings an important perspective, having lived in Far North Queensland for the majority of her life. She deeply understands the community, the challenges that FNQ faces, as well as the history of CAFNEC and its role there. She brings community organising and campaigning skills, having worked at The Wilderness Society and GetUp! over her career. Lucy is particularly interested in the role that QCC and its member groups have to play in combating and adapting to climate change in regional communities, and facilitating relationship building across organisations and across the conservation sector.

Isabella Morand

Through her work as a Community Organiser with the Australian Conservation Foundation, Isabella has developed a deep interest in and commitment to building community capacity for environmental protection work in Queensland. After travelling to Nepal and seeing the impacts of climate change first hand, she has spent the last 5 years facilitating collaboration between individuals and groups to produce strategic and effective action to protect our living world. She is passionate about seeing a strong and diverse network of environment groups exercise their power and make real change in our beautiful state.