Member Events - Queensland Conservation Council

Member Events

  • QCC Climate Action Points - Final debrief

    Join QCC Climate Policy Officer, Lisa Cliff, before her contract with QCC ends and find out how you can apply research done in the QCC Climate report to your climate advocacy work.  Lisa will be presenting a series of Climate Action Points that can be used when meeting with local government representatives, state government and your community.  Make sure to RSVP here so that you receive the video link details.

  • "Renewable Energy across Queensland's Regions" - Webinar

    Solar Citizens recently commissioned Green Energy Markets to write a report  that - for the first time - reveals the extent of Queensland's renewable energy boom, region by region.  The findings are beyond exciting.

    If all the clean energy projects in the planning and construction pipeline start operating, our Sunshine State would be powered by an impressive 90% renewable energy.  And it doesn't stop there. The report is an excellent resource that demonstrates the sunny things that are happening in our state - and it's a powerful good news story that should be shared with friends, colleagues and your community.

    This is a special briefing for our members; together, we’ll discuss:

    • The number of solar and wind farms being built or planned across Queensland.
    • The facts about the jobs and investment renewable energy could bring to your region.
    • The threats and obstacles facing the industry, and what can be done to overcome them

    The report shows that there are 40,000 jobs and $24 billion worth of investment knocking on Queensland’s door, but these projects might never make it past the threshold if the Queensland Government doesn’t step up and implement a real plan for reaching its goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030.

     Incoming QCC Director, Louise Matthiesson, will be discussing the report and how we can use the data in advocacy for renewable energy throughout QLD.