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Member Events

  • Member Network June 2018 - Climate Conversations

    • Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 06:00 PM
    • The Burrow in West End, Australia

    QCC's May Member Network Gathering has been rescheduled for June 12th at The Burrow in West End. Hopefully, this gives people a bit more notice at this busy time of year.

    QCC’s Climate Policy Officer, Lisa Cliff, will be hosting a Climate Conversation at the Burrow. This will involve a 15-minute talk on different models for changing people's minds on climate change, or talking to people about climate change, from Australia and abroad. The presentation will be followed by Q&A and practice conversation. Before breaking conversation, there'll be an opportunity for a 60-minute soap-box for anyone wanting to share any news, upcoming events, information, or to find collaborators on projects in the climate action space.

    This is a great opportunity to benefit from Lisa’s experience using climate conversation and other science communication models when living in the US - to shift people in conservative Republican areas who deny climate change is human-caused.

    QCC looks forward to chatting over a drink with you. We encourage you to bring a friend or family member who you believe might like to know more about climate change or be motivated to action through talking with those already engaged in the space.


  • QCC Webinar 2018 Fundraising

    We are lucky to have QCC member group AMCS's Brisbane Fundraising Manager, Jacinta McLennan, on board to conduct a Fundraising webinar.  Jacinta has asked that groups fill out a short Poll here to get an idea of which fundraising areas people are interested in.  

  • eNGO Day 2018 - Growing the Movement

    Monday's morning sessions will focus on reflecting on the sector's successes and what the key points in those successes are that could be identified as effective influencers of change.  The morning will also be an opportunity to report back about what your organisation has been up to and hear from others in the movement.

    In the afternoon, sessions will look at some of the structural issues impacting conservation before looking at practical and strategic ways of engaging with government and the rest of the sector.

  • eNGO Day 2018 - Time to Prepare + Building Momentum

  • eNGO Day 2018 - Times they are a changing - and so must we