Member Events

  • QLD Water Issues - Find out what the key issues are

    POSTPONED Join World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - Water and Catchment Liaison Officer, Nigel Parratt to discuss the key QLD state water issues.


  • Join The Wilderness Society's Queensland Campaigns manager, Gemma Plesman, who will share strategies about how we can use messaging to build power - using the Land clearing campaign as a case study.  Some things that will be more deeply explored include how we can use consistent messaging strategically to strengthen our campaigns.  This is a key skill to use even when we are in communities that can be strongly opposed to the work that we are doing.


  • Join The Australian Conservation Council's (ACF) Andrew Piccone to discuss what joint land management has looks like up in the Cape.

    In 2007 a new system of joint management of national parks on the Cape York Peninsula began after the proclamation of the Cape York Peninsula Heritage Act 2007. Amendments to the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (NCA) created a new class of protected area called national park (Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal land [CYPAL]) allowing for the joint management of these areas.  

    ACF's Andrew Piccone has spent many years working on conservation issues in Far North Queensland and has on the ground insights into joint land management to share with QCC members.