Liberal National Party

Despite being approached at the start of the election and followed up since, the LNP have chosen not to respond to our conservation priorities. 

We know on land clearing, they were responsible for weakening laws, policies and enforcement during the Newman government, despite promises otherwise, and have opposed sensible law reform since in Parliament. The LNP policy release on land clearing indicates they have not moved from their position over the last decade. This means that other commitments made during the election, such as planting 3 million trees, makes no sense without stopping 10-20 times that number of trees being cleared in a single year.

The LNP's position on land clearing can be read here.

On other priority conservation issues, we are aware that the LNP supports new coal fired power in Queensland, supports the Adani mine including use of taxpayer funds to support it, questions the need for climate change policy, and opposes a raft of environmental protections and stronger legislation. These are all contrary to the positions of QCC and its conservation priorities.