Land Clearing Submissions

What a great effort!  The Queensland Conservation Council community wrote 850 submissions to the Inquiry, demonstrating powerfully that Queenslander's want our native woodlands protected. And they are just the ones we know about...

... We are pretty confident that a whole heap of others have been put in by our member groups and supporters. 

You can read the submission from QCC itself here. You can also see the presentation that was made at the Parliamentary Inquiry hearing in Brisbane.

Now that we've put all our submissions in, what happens next? We are approaching the end of the public hearings on the Bill, and from here a report back to Parliament will be provided by the Committee. After that, Parliament will debate the Bill and then vote on its passing. We expect this to happen some time in May, and will keep you in the loop.

A huge ‘thank you’ to all our fantastic members, supporters, donors and partner organisations who have made this moment possible. Without your encouragement and backing, we wouldn’t have got here, and with your ongoing support we can make the laws and policies even stronger in the future.

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