Labor’s Queensland Renewable Energy Target can and must be way of the future

MEDIA RELEASE September 30, 2016

The Queensland Conservation Council has this morning expressed concerns that Queensland’s renewable energy target is being used as a political football, amid wild claims about renewable energy in the context of extreme weather events and power systems failures in South Australia.

Queensland’s peak conservation body pointed to yesterday’s claims by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, echoed by state LNP Leader Tim Nichols, that Queensland Labor’s target of 50% renewable energy by 2030 was not achievable. However, there was no evidence presented to substantiate those claims.

“The truth is, in a climate change affected world, Queensland will have no choice but to embrace an ambitious Renewable Energy Target,” said Queensland Conservation Council head Dr Tim Seelig.

“It is tragic that renewable energy and associated targets are being used as a political football when we know the majority of Australians support transitioning to clean energy.

“The Australian Energy Market Operator, who controls energy supply in Australia, has clearly stated that renewable energy is not to blame for the blackout in South Australia.

“It’s that regrettable the disaster in South Australia is being exploited by some to spread myths about wind power and renewable energy.

“Renewable energy is already delivering much needed jobs for regional Queensland. It’s an industry that can co-exist with farming and with tourism, and truly support a diverse economy into the future.

‘The Queensland government is currently engaging the community, industry and energy experts to plan an orderly transition for our energy system to the renewable future.

“Now is not the time to call for a return to more dirty dangerous coal fired power. Clean renewable energy can and must be way of the future.

“To make a largescale reality and the main source of power in Queensland, we need to set ambitious but achievable targets for the state’s energy mix.

“The Palaszczuk government appears to get this, and we trust it will stick to its policy. It’s time we saw the LNP sign up to the program of readying Queensland for the energy, economic and social transformations will be necessary in a post-carbon world.”

For further information or comment contact:
Queensland Conservation Council Coordinator Dr Tim Seelig on 0439 201 183

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