Help save SEQ koalas: Attend your local Workshop

With sprawling urban development, we are killing off iconic species like the koala. 

If you live in South East Queensland, you've likely been greeted by a friendly neighbourhood koala in the treetops of a nearby park. We are boxing them out one by one and they need our help. 

Come along to the Redlands, Moreton, Ipswich or Logan Campaign Strategy Workshop and join others in your community in designing a campaign strategy to protect koala habitat. We'll also be looking to how we can work collectively to be a stronger voice for nature across the Brisbane region.

In 2017, the Queensland Koala Expert Panel report warned of an 80 per cent decline in koala populations in the Koala Coast area, that includes Gold Coast, Redlands, Sunshine Coast and west to Ipswich. If future generations are to be lucky enough to see a koala in the wild, local councils and the State Government need to do more to urgently address this crisis. 

The Queensland Government is due to release the SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy for consultation in May, offering a crucial opportunity to win stronger laws to protect Koala habitat.


The Queensland Conservation Council hears of new pressures facing our wildlife and their homes every day. With climate change, pests, disease and rapid population growth, the protection of native animals like koalas must be prioritised. We need to look at how we can conserve Queensland’s unique wildlife in our rapidly changing world before they're gone. For a start, we can and must be smarter in how we accommodate our growing communities.

The clock is ticking on the wildlife and the places we love.

If you'd like to attend a workshop and help in the fight to protect SEQ koalas, register at

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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