Call the minister to protect koala habitat


Koalas are running out of time. Unless laws are strengthened, we could lose koalas from our region in as little as 30 years. 

The Queensland Government commissioned a Koala Expert Panel Report in 2017 and the results singled out deforestation as “the greatest impact on koalas.” Yet the state government continues to delay the release of the Koala Conservation Strategy. Meanwhile critical koala habitat continues to be bulldozed by developers.

We desperately need stronger laws and communities that accommodate habitat and Queensland’s most iconic species. The QLD government must act now and release the Koala Conservation Strategy and include in it all recommendations from the Koala Expert Panel report.      

Will you call Planning Minister Cameron Dick and Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch to tell them to strengthen the laws? 

You will talk to their office staff, leave your name and a message for the Minister. 

Cameron Dick - Phone: (07) 3719 7200

Leeanne Enoch - Phone: (07) 3719 7140    

You might like to say: 

  • Tell them you would like to see stronger laws in Queensland to protect koalas and their habitat. 
  • The loss of koala habitat is a big problem i.e. statewide, Queensland has seen koala numbers decline by nearly 50% and in the Koala Coast area in SEQ, by 80%.
  • The Koala Expert Panel report was released nearly 2 years ago, why is the state government yet to take the urgent action it recommended? While we are waiting more habitat is getting bulldozed.    
  • The QLD government must act now and release the Koala Conservation Strategy, includes all recommendations from the Koala Expert Panel report
  • Tell them why you care about habitat and koalas. 

Comment below to let us know how you went. 

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