Make a donation today!

Make a donation today!

Did you know the greater glider (Petauroides volans) was classified as an endangered species last year? The plight of the greater glider is devastating, but your donation could help save our precious friend.

To the Jagera, Turrbal and Kabi Kabi peoples, this little fluff ball is known as pan’ka, bank’kii, mulyir, poong-goong or warnda and is an important species as is the land of the many countries it lives on along the east coast of Australia.

Photo by © Dr Nick, 2023

Significant threats to the greater glider include:

  • loss of habitat driven by land-clearing;
  • native forest logging and;
  • disastrous bushfires exacerbated by the climate crisis.

At QCC, we work tirelessly on improving all of the above, though one immediate focus we need your help for is to ensure that native state forests (public land) in South East Queensland (SEQ) are transferred to protected areas to help safeguard the future of endangered species such as our fluffy friend the greater glider.

Queensland has the greatest area of native forest of any state in Australia at 51 million hectares, but only 8% of native forest is protected, less than any other state or territory in Australia.

Although state forests are public land, their main purpose is timber extraction not habitat protection. Logging is intensifying in south east Queensland, with smaller and smaller trees being removed since 2010, despite warnings from ecologists this would hurt greater gliders, along with other endangered native species.

The destruction of these forests leave the greater glider wide open and vulnerable, threatening its ongoing survival and contributing to statewide biodiversity loss. 

Protection is a critical component to maintaining a strong network of protected areas for the health of not only our environment but also our own wellbeing.

The state forests we are targeting are on the lands of the Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and Wakka Wakka peoples and are also important cultural sites. 

If you’d like to make a philanthropic donation or gift in your Will, please get in touch with our Philanthropy Manager at [email protected]