Australian Government must rein in Dirty Dozen emissions

Just 12 big fossil fuel companies make up 10% of Australia’s emissions. These companies are fueling the climate crisis, threatening our future and destroying our environment. These companies are raking in billions in profit while households and businesses have been changing their habits, installing rooftop solar and suffering the impacts of climate change.

We need the Australian Government to make these major polluters do their fair share. Send an email to Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, the Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen and the Minister for Resources, Madeleine King. The Safeguard Mechanism needs to:

  • Set hard limits on industrial emissions and force major climate polluters to make genuine cuts to their emissions, at least 43% by 2030 
  • End dodgy practices that see fossil fuel corporations pay to keep on polluting by buying cheap offsets
  • Close the door on new fossil fuel projects that would blow the carbon budget for the Safeguard Mechanism; and 
  • Make big climate polluters pull their weight on reducing emissions so that regular Australians and local businesses don’t have to pick up their slack.

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