Another threat from the Galilee Basin

Those of us fearful of the damaging impacts of coal are today reminded that Adani is but one of many threats facing our climate. The Kevin’s Corner GVK mine, neighbouring Adani in the Galilee Basin, was granted environmental authority in August. Since then, the mining company has been busy sponsoring community events, promising jobs and growth to the region, and working to distract from reasoned decision-making that applies the precautionary principle and considers the huge risks we face from continued coal development.

While Councilor Fisher talks of ‘wealth coming back towards the coast,’ in the form of new coal-fired power stations in North Queensland, others see it for what it is – our state backsliding into locked-in reliance on outdated, polluting technology – while the rest of the world takes advantage of healthier and cheaper renewables.

We must let our Government know we support a future that values the well-being of our environment and communities, and one where we prosper from participating in global low-carbon markets. Let’s not get left behind.


Read more: Steph Allen, Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, October 23, 2017 9:01am.

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