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  • Well-managed National parks are a safe haven for Queensland's endangered wildlife

    National parks and other protected areas are one of the best ways to conserve nature and protect cultural values. They provide a legal safeguard for wildlife and connect us with rich, life-giving landscapes essential for our well being. 

    In 2016 the Queensland Government committed to doubling the area of protected land from around 8% to 17%, but since then, very little has changed. Despite Queensland’s living cultural landscapes being the most diverse of any state or territory in Australia, we have the smallest proportion of land in protected areas such as national parks. 

    We need to act now to ensure that, with the leaderships and consent of First Nations people, the Queensland Government maintains and acts on it's commitment to build a bigger and better system of parks and protected areas across. 

    Join us for this launch webinar to here from Andrew Picone (QCC's Protected Areas Campaigner) to find out why national parks are so important and how you can get involved.