Transfer SEQ Native State Forest to Protected Areas

Will you send a message to the Premier today, calling for the transfer of native state forests in SEQ to protected areas? 

Recent research has revealed that 70,000 hectares (ha) of state forest in South East Qld is home to a rich and important diversity of plants and animals and should be transferred to protected areas. These areas of state forests are recognised as providing irreplaceable intact native habitat including threatened ecosystems and koala and greater glider habitat. These state forests are on the lands of the Gubbi Gubbi/ Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and Wakka Wakka peoples and are also important cultural sites. 

The Qld government has made a number of commitments as part of the SEQ Forestry Agreement to protect Qld's unique plants and animals, including a commitment to end logging of native forest in the lower half of SEQ by 2024 and the transfer of native state forests to protected areas. However, the transfer commitment is only for 20,000 ha. This leaves 50,000 ha of unprotected state forest with no plan for protection.

We need the Queensland government to commit to transferring all 70,000 hectares of native state forests to protected areas before it is logged. Send a message to the premier now. 




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