Energy Crisis - Email the Premier

Power bills are rising because coal power stations are ageing and becoming increasingly unreliable compared to cheap, renewable energy. Not everyone can get rooftop solar, which is why we need Premier Palaszczuk to bring down power prices by building big clean energy projects that don't rely on digging coal that varies in price and availability. The Palaszczuk Government is currently developing a 10 Year Energy Plan. We believe this can lead us to 100% renewable energy within the decade. The first step would be to commit to building 6 GW renewable energy and 1 GW storage in Queensland by 2025. It's the fastest and cheapest way to save household cost of living. 

Email Premier Palaszczuk now to call for a clear renewable energy roadmap in the 10 Year Energy Plan. We have suggested a message but you can edit by clicking Check the message - the more unique messages they get, the better!

Every way you look at it, renewable energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels. Two big wind farms could have saved us 25% on wholesale electricity costs this year and two big batteries would have taken the edge off some of the tightest electricity periods to the tune of $100m. Small systems on Queensland roofs did save us up to $60m in May alone. 

But if the Queensland Government continues to refuse to plan for coal closure, then Queensland's 2032 "climate positive" Olympics, will still be reliant on ageing, unreliable and polluting coal power. We can’t let this happen. We have to make sure the 10 Year Energy Plan sets a path towards renewable energy and stops us being held hostage by fossil fuel prices once and for all.

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