Queensland Climate Policy

QCC recognises that addressing climate change is at the heart of efforts to protect and conserve Queensland’s unique biodiversity and ecosystems. Already climate change impacts are driving plants and animals towards the poles, to higher altitudes (e.g. Queensland's white lemuroid possum) and greater ocean depths in search of cooler temperatures. Sea level rise flooded the last remaining habitat of the Torres Strait melomys, and record ocean temperatures have caused consecutive mass coral bleaching events, from which the Great Barrier Reef may never recover.

Last year Queensland saw its warmest year on record - while Australia's emissions continue to rise. With no meaningful action from our Federal Government, our states need to take the lead in tackling climate change to avoid the worst impacts of the warming we are causing.

Below are links to a report and briefing notes with recommendations from QCC's analysis of Queensland's Climate Transition Strategy and associated policies and actions. 

These resources are intended to get us all thinking and talking about climate change and what action our Government should be taking to protect the environment and our communities.



Report: Recommendations for Queensland's Climate Transition, July 2018






Getting to Zero-Net Emissions: How can Queensland deliver on its climate change commitments?


Zero Net Emissions: What Does It Mean For Queensland?

50% Renewable Energy: What Does It Mean For Queensland?

Zero Net Emissions: Why Queensland Needs A Legislative Response

Zero Net Emissions: Why Queensland Needs A Just Transition

If you have any comments or recommendations, please get in touch via director@qldconservation.org.au.


The Queensland Conservation Council wishes to acknowledge and thank the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science in supporting this project through a Community Sustainability Action Grant.

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