Recommendations for Queensland's Climate Transition

The Queensland Conservation Council’s report, ‘Recommendations for Queensland’s Climate Transition,’ provides a critical analysis of the Queensland Climate Transition Strategy (2017), with a focus on electricity and transport sectors. 

Informed by contributions from a wide range of experts and knowledge holders, the report recommends six steps to improve Queensland's climate change mitigation policies, including:

Step 1: Clearly define the zero-net emissions target and provide a framework that sets interim targets and outlines criteria for regular and transparent evaluation of progress. 

Step 2: Integrate climate change commitments across all government decision making and policy. 

Step 3: Review the use of one Business as Usual emissions model to plan pathways to 2050. 

Step 4: Increase ambition to decarbonise the energy and transport sectors. 

Step 5: Take steps to facilitate a smooth and just transition away from fossil fuels. 

Step 6: Enact state-based climate change legislation and review other relevant legislation to ensure a robust regulatory framework is in place that supports progress to zero-net emissions. 

More detail, including proposed sets of actions to address challenges and opportunities, are discussed in the report. The findings show there is room for greater ambition across policies and actions to reduce emissions and deliver a future for Queensland where the environment, society and economy all prosper. Overall, greater awareness of emissions reduction opportunities is needed across all government departments, communities and businesses to promote a faster and smoother transition.

It is QCC’s hope that the report provides information and guidance for Queensland’s future climate change mitigation work program, including Queensland’s forthcoming Green Paper for post-2020 pathways to a zero-net emissions economy. QCC would like to see more detail provided on how progress against emissions reduction targets will be assessed, and how government departments and Queensland businesses, industry, environment and community groups and communities across the state will be involved in the development and implementation of practical pathways towards a zero-net emissions economy.

PDF versions of the report and appendices available for download here:

Full report: Recommendations for Queensland’s Climate Transition

Appendix A: Qld Climate Policy and Action Tracking Table

Appendix B: Commissioned Report, Natural Capital Economics

Appendix C: Commissioned Report, Roth, M. 

Appendix D: Energy Justice Principles

Appendix E: Legislation Comparison Table

Appendix F: Supplementary Information

QCC wishes to acknowledge the support of a Department of Environment and Science Community Sustainability Action Grant for this project. 


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